Maury Microwave Power Amplifiers

  • RF & Microwave 600MHz – 40GHz
  • High continuous power across the band
  • Wide bandwidth, low harmonic power and high linearity
  • Tested in load pull applications
  • Semi-custom and Custom configurations available

Microsemi BlueSky GNSS Firewall

  • Identifies and protects GPS systems from spoofing and jamming
  • Integrates seamlessly between existing GPS antenna and GPS system
  • PNT White Paper to guide operators of Critical Infrastructure, published best practice documents by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • US Govt. moving aggressively on GPS backup.

Copper Mountain Technologies SC Series VNA

  • Compact VNAs deliver a small lab grade VNA up to 9 GHz
  • High speed and output power, large dynamic range
  • S2VNA software application runs on Windows or Linux on a PC, laptop, tablet, or x86 board computer

Data I/O PSV2800

  • Ultrafast – up to 3,000 parts/hour
  • Scalable from 1-6 programming sites
  • Tape-Tape I/O
  • Support for FlashCORE III and LumenX programming engines

InTEST Thermal Solutions Chambers

  • Customizable for any application
  • Mechanical or Cryogenically cooled
  • Up to 1000C/minute change rates
  • Wide temperature range, small footprint

IntelliPower Ruggedized UPS and Power Conditioning

  • Compact, highly deployable 1250W Half-Rack UPS
  • 10 minutes of backup power
  • LiFePO4 batteries
  • Weighs less than 30 lbs.

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